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Many owners enjoy visiting the racetrack at some point for dawn training, so that they can view their horse exercising, working, getting hot walked, washed down and groomed.

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About Horseracing

It s very hard to argue with the fact that owning a racehorse is a unique and thrilling experience. People not familiar with the idea of racehorse ownership simply have no comprehension of the many additional delights, just waiting to be sampled.

A great many owners enjoy visiting the racetrack at some point for dawn training, so that they can view their horse exercising, working, getting hot walked, washed down and groomed. There is an extraordinary gratification in standing at the rail, fresh cup of coffee in hand as your impatient, prancing colt trots past, keen to begin his work. The mainstream owners arrive prepared with a big bag of carrots; big because their horse s neighbors will insist upon treats, pats and scratches behind their ears as well!

In truth, racehorse ownership often begets a completely new lifestyle. Lots of owners become utterly caught up with their horses, going to the racetrack a number of times a week, buying horse racing publications and searching the internet for fresh details on their horse s heritage and relatives.

Undoubtedly, investing in a racehorse as the one and only owner is an enormous monetary commitment, both in the original expense and paying the assorted monthly bills. Luckily there is an easier and much more practical answer: racehorse partnerships.

Buying a percentage in a thoroughbred partnership will usually give you no less rights and perks than a full owner. However, some partnerships will need you to purchase a minimum five percent stake before you meet the criteria for an official State Owner s License. An owner s license is compulsory for access to the backstretch, free entry to the track as an owner, utilizing owners car parking, etc.

There are plenty of thoroughbred racing partnerships on hand. Clearly an important consideration will be that they are selling shares in a horse stabled at a racetrack handy to where you live, if not your visits will be somewhat compromised. Another issue is the type of horse being syndicated: as a rule a claiming partnership involves a more hardened racehorse, often campaigned, but likely to be claimed away again, so ownership could be brief. A young, as yet unraced two year old is a more permanent possibility. His first race could be a number of months in the future, but you will have lots of opportunities to get to know and connect with your purchase and enjoy the advantage of charting his progress.

Request printed information, brochures, etc., from a number of partnership companies, or trainers who put together partnerships. Get in touch with the managing partner or trainer personally (after 10:30 a.m. when morning training is finished) and find out how reachable and cooperative he/she is. Even if you buy the minimum share to be had in a horse you will be an owner and you should anticipate being treated as such.

Don t make the mistake of buying into a racehorse sight unseen. An important aspect of a thoroughbred partnership centers around your one on one connection with the horse, and every horse is an individual with an exceptional personality so it s vital that you actually like your purchase. If you are a total beginner, try to take a more experienced owner with you on your opening meeting.

Take note of these suggestions and your ideas of racehorse ownership really will become a happy reality.

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