Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Huntington NY

Want a great way to build your online marketing program? Try article marketing in your niche. It has several benefits to offer. First, it' s a great way to increase traffic to your blog or Web site.

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Your Affiliate Success is at Your Fingertips

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Article Marketing

Want a great way to build your online marketing program? Try article marketing in your niche. It has several benefits to offer. First, it’s a great way to increase traffic to your blog or Web site. It will establish you as an authority in your market sector and that notoriety will drive people to seek you out. It will not cost you any outlay of cash. Your time has value, of course, but when you start out, you have plenty of time on your hands and article writing is a very productive way of filling that time. What’s more, you have total control over the content and the quality of the material that goes into the article. That is crucial to succeeding with article marketing.

Quality Material

The most vital element in any article is to provide what your reader is looking for. That is quality information that he/she can use to move forward on the Web. Your first order of business is to write for your customer. Know what he/she is thinking and looking for and give them what they want. Do your research, draw up an outline and then write your material. The best option is to do your own writing. That ensures that your material will not get flagged for duplication or even worse outright plagiarism.

There are tactics that call for setting anchor links in your article that link back to a product or service you are selling. That may work in some cases, but your focus should not be on pushing your business that blatantly. It is far more effective to offer actionable advice that will cement trust and confidence in your relationship. That relationship will be the driving force behind the motivation to buy from you.


As you develop your writing, you will eventually become an authority or top expert in your field. As such, your readers will come to regard you as a useful resource for their own well being. That is when you know you have achieved a key goal. When people come to expect your articles and anticipate them as part of their business growth your business will grow and develop. That comes with good content that puts the reader first. Always do enough research to ensure that your content is current and accurate. Offer tips and suggestions that will anticipate your reader’s problems and be preemptive rather than reactive. Avoiding a problem is a much better option than waiting until it’s too late and you need the information after the fact.

Writing Style

Write in the same style that you speak. Everyone has a particular tone, choice of words, and way of expression. Be true to yourself and your genuineness will come through. That is where your legitimacy will shine and your voice will come to establish you as original and reliable. Use vocabulary people can follow and understand; avoid jargon and business speak. And remember KISS at all times; keep it simple stupid!

Author Biography

The author biography or signature, as it is sometimes referred to, is the one area where more open and active selling can occur. This is where a back link to your Web site, blog or product landing page is customarily placed and in most cases, most commonly accepted. This is where you can write a more targeted “ad” or benefit related statement about what you have to offer. Remember to keep your reader in mind. Offer a solution in the form of a free report or eBook that solves a problem. For example an author bio could end with “For a free report on how to groom your pet without causing it anxiety or pain, visit for tips and information”.

This is a pretty common way to get your readers to your Web site or blog.

Article Directories

There are several options for distributing your articles. Obviously your Web site or blog is one point of distribution that you will use. Another is the Article Directory. This is a site that collects articles for distribution on the Web. You submit to them for free and in exchange, you permit them to publish it for use by their membership. You can protect your material by copyrighting it. You can also allow use of your material freely under the condition that your author bio be included in all distribution. This is a great way to get your material out across the Web and creating a good source of back linking to your Web site or blog.

There are hundreds of article directories but there are some that have more authority than others. Ezine Articles and Go Article are two very important sites to keep in mind as you distribute your material.

One way to automate your distribution is to use automation software to do the job for you. It takes some time up front to set up the system, but when you are done setting up, distributing articles to 30 and 40, 50 or more article sites will be very easy to do. Some services offer distribution for a monthly fee, others will sell you a software package for a one time price. Using article distribution software is the way to go if you intend to write on a regular basis.


Article marketing should be a part of any internet marketer’s campaign in their online marketing program. It is an easy, cost effective way to establish your affiliate marketing business and establish yourself as a reliable, trustworthy expert. It pays for itself over time and has been the mainstay of every Super Affiliate that is working on the Web.

So give it a try and get yourself going.

May Your Travels Be Prosperous!

Over the past 20 years Claude Pelanne has worked in a series of startup ventures including some of the first commercial webcasts. He is an internet marketer and serial entrepreneur. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include the resource box. For tips and resources to get into internet marketing visit .

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