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Antique Collector Careers Albany NY

There has long been confusion when it came to these two terms-antiquities and collections. If you have set a unique goal in your career, first you have to know the major differences.

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Antique Collector Careers

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Have A Career As An Antique Collector

Author: Jade Simpson

There has long been confusion when it came to these two terms-antiquities and collections. If you have set a unique goal in your career, first you have to know the major differences.

Have you set your mind on an antique collection? Then you have to know that the definitions, alone, are numerous. An antique is something that is rare and really old. A real antique has to be a century old or more. But the term antique is also now used to describe obsolete gadgets such as cell phones or calculating machines, or even computers. This is the negative connotation of the word antique as it deems an item to be useless or out of date.

An antique isn't an antique if the item doesn't show a certain grade of craftsmanship and distinctive design. So if you are settling on having a career in dealing with antiques, first you must make certain that you have a keen eye for details (such as the physical condition of the item, its rarity, its age, and much more). It is also important that you have knowledge on history, art and culture. For example, if you want to focus on Pre-Columbian antiques, then you should first study the civilizations that crafted these works of art. Think of the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, and all other civilizations which helped shape the very culture that South America now has. Aside from historical, cultural and artistic knowledge, it is most important to have the passion for the acquisition of such genuine pieces.

If you are looking for a career in this field, one good option is to become an archeologist. Being an archeologist will guarantee you years of digging up and searching for rare pieces. Besides, archeology is scientific in nature so you are bound to deal with respect when it comes to antique handling. Being an antique collector could also be a lucrative career once you learn the ropes of the trade. You just have to acquire the necessary skills and the 'gut feel' when you hold an antique.

Being a collector, on the other hand, could either be moderately easy or difficult to pursue. It is much like dealing with antiques except that you will be dealing with objects that could range from fairly new to very old. Collecting items could either be just a hobby or a serious obsession. Just like dealing with antiques, you are bound to work hard seeking for collectibles, locating and gathering them, finally acquiring them, until the very time that you display or store them.

There are so many things in the world that you can choose to collect. Take note that some collectibles become antiques once they age and are proven to be rare. The options for collections range from mere rocks, even butterflies and other types of insects, to cigarette lighters (the most famous lighter collections are Zippo lighters), dolls, cigarette cards (which depict pictures of famous baseball players and actresses), baseball cards (which could also become a lucrative business once the owner acquires the skills in investing in cards that could soon double or triple in price in just a few years), figurines, trading cards, scale models, music boxes, even shot glasses, and many more. The most famous types of collections are stamps and coins. As early as the 15th century, there were people (even nobilities) who delved into coin collecting.

Nowadays, there are so many collectibles that you could take up as a hobby. Beanie babies and Barbie dolls are only some of the modern collectibles on the market. There are also numerous forms of sports cards that sports enthusiasts can start to gather.

Whether you would want a career in antique dealership (even archeology) or merely to collect, both require the same amount of patience and time. This isn't a past time for those who easily give up. There are items that could be very rare to find and it sometimes take several years before the acquisition becomes possible. More than looking for the works of art, it is a work of 'heart'.

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