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Article marketing is well worth your time and effort. It s the quickest and easiest way to position yourself as the expert in your field and reach your target market of potential customers.

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Article Marketing For Beginners

Thousands of people are discovering an Internet marketing technique that drive hundreds and sometimes thousands of targeted visitors to their website every month. It s known as article marketing and it s one of the simplest and most productive ways to get people to your website. But how does it work?

The intent of article marketing, like all forms of Internet marketing, is to persuade people to visit your website. Once there, it s up to your website to do the heavy lifting. Your site needs to persuade your visitors to do something. That something could include purchasing your product or service, signing up for your newsletter, making a donation, clicking on an ad or one of a dozen other things. As soon as your website is ready, it s time to focus your attention on getting people to visit through article marketing.

For the purpose of example, let s assume you re a sales training consultant and you do business with companies across America. Your website is very compelling and designed to encourage potential customers to contact you about your consulting service. Now it s a matter of going out onto the Internet and getting your potential customer back to your website.

Think of article marketing as a fishing trip. You have the best fishing gear money can buy, your cooler is loaded with bait that s irresistible to your target fish, and you have a map to the best fishing hole in the state. Problem is, the fish aren t jumping out of the water and finding their way to your back yard grill. You have to go out and fish where the fish are.

Article marketing works the same way. You can have the most compelling website in the world, but nothing will happen unless your potential customers find it. Your job is to go out onto the Internet, entice your customers with your irresistible article and bring them home where your website can close the sale.

Start by identifying the fish you want to catch. In this case, you want to attract a fish that s interested in learning how to sell. With that knowledge you ll know where to fish and what kind of bait to put on the hook.

Let s start with the bait. People who are interested in learning how to sell leave clues. They have a habit of using search engines to find solutions to their selling problems. They search for things like, how to prospect, cold call selling, closing techniques and more. The really cool thing about search engines is that they can show you exactly how many people were looking for that information. They can tell you how many fish hang out in each fishing hole.

You can find that information by going to one of the search engines and searching for the term, keyword research. There you will find dozens of tools that will help you identify the kind of bait that attracts your fish.

Once you know what kind of bait your prospect is looking for, it s a matter of giving them what they want. And what they want is a well written, solution based article that answers their problem.

You, on the other hand, want your prospect to read your article and see you as the authority in the field of selling. Just as importantly, you want them to go to your website where they can learn a lot more about how you can solve their selling problem with your sales training consulting service.

The entire purpose of Internet marketing and article marketing is to get people back to your website. You do that by writing a strong call to action and attaching a clickable link leading back to your website in the author block. This is where you are allowed to promote yourself and encourage people to visit your website.

Once you ve written your article and included a compelling call to action in the author block, you ll want to get your article syndicated on as many websites as possible. You can find hundreds of websites interested in posting your article by doing a Google search for article submission or article distribution. These sites will allow you to fish in hundreds of lakes at the same time.

Imagine having a well written article syndicated on the Internet that positions you as the expert in your field. Imagine having that same article with a link and a compelling reason to visit your website leading back to your website where you can promote your products and services. This is how the professional Internet marketers do it, and you can too.

Article marketing is well worth your time and effort. It s the quickest and easiest way to position yourself as the expert in your field and reach your target market of potential customers.

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