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The vast majority of people get nowhere, and give up before giving themselves a chance, simply because they rely on organic search engine listings for traffic.

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Article Marketing VS SEO

Article marketing is better for your website than SEO. That is a fact. How many visitors do you get to your website? Hundreds every day? If so then you must be in the top 10 results on Google for your keyword on at least one of your pages.

The vast majority of people get nowhere, and give up before giving themselves a chance, simply because they rely on organic search engine listings for traffic. Even their blogs get few visitors if they get any. If that is you, then there is way out of this, and an easy way to get masses of visitors without having to rely on search engines. Article marketing.

This applies to the following forms of web page:

If you have a need for visitors to any of these pages that you run or own, then Article Marketing is your answer. You can forget search engine optimization and trying to get your web page seen on other blogs or forums. You should write articles or have them written for you. Website traffic is so easy to get using article marketing.

As a professional article ghost writer I have a very deep understanding of how many different people use articles in many different ways to promote their products, services, websites, blogs, lenses and WEB2 pages, and from the amount of money that many of them pay me to write literally dozens and dozens of articles, they are doing very well from it.

Their pages are not listed in the top 100 pages on Google for their keywords, let alone the top 10, yet they make masses of money from their sites. Why? Because they get traffic from their articles. How do they get that traffic? Forget the lies and the hype. I have read it all and most untruths come from those that don t believe in article marketing because they have never tried it. Here is the truth of the matter.


People read articles on article directories. If you write an article, or pay to have them written, and then submit them to directories, then they will be read by visitors to these directories. I have read ignorant people write that nobody reads articles on article directories, but they are talking nonsense. People do read them. I get an average of about 200 people reading each of my articles on each directory per month, and I submit two articles a week to over 50 directories work it out for yourself.

No, on second thoughts I ll work it out for you. That s 80,000 readers a month. I get about 20 of readers clicking through to my website what if you wrote one article a day (300,000)? Would that be good for you, or do you want to pass?


I get links to my website from each directory. Readers can click on my article and visit my website. Readers can copy my article to their own websites, and they do, and I get clicks from their websites to mine.


If links are important to you, you get a link to your website from each directory to which you submit your article. You also get a one way link for each article that somebody else copies to their website as content. This happens quite frequently. For each article I write I get about 10 one way links from each of at least the five main directories I keep checking up on each month. That s 50 backlinks a month per article. I write 2 articles a week for each of my websites. Work it out.


When you write articles you get to advertise at least one link, and often three, in the Author s Resource section of each article directory to which you submit the article. Mine go to at least 50, though generally around 400, each time.

You can use any page in any website you want, or a Squidoo lens, or any of your blog pages, a Facebook or MySpace page or any other web presence that can be accesses by means of a URL (http://www. ). No matter what type of web page you run, you can use article marketing to drive traffic straight to it.

To do it successfully, however, you have to know how to go about it the right way. You need to know the little tricks and tips that the internet marketers like to refer to as Secrets . It can be a lot more powerful that using SEO in fact it generally is but must know how to do it properly if you want to be successful. In used to pay $97 plus for SEO books or to find out how to get traffic. I do so no longer I only need the one way, even though I can my sites listed in 2 days and get them in the top 10 these days almost at will.

Article marketing is better for your website than SEO it s also better for your blog, your lens your . . . Check it out.

For details on how to use article marketing properly to drive masses of traffic to your web page, blog, lens, etc. visit where you will find all the information you need to succeed online - and a lot more, including a few free gifts just for visiting.

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