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Batting cages act as work out facilities for baseball players. Since there are various components used for the net, knowing the different types will enable you to assess which is better and which can work to you advantage.

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Batting Cage

Batting cages act as work out facilities for baseball players. Since there are various components used for the net, knowing the different types will enable you to assess which is better and which can work to you advantage.

A batting cage is an enclosed cage for baseball players. It is comprised of a frame, an automatic baseball pitching machine, and a net or chain link fence. It is rectangular in shape and it is used for batting sessions. Batting cages are more often seen indoors.

The batter needs to stand at one end of the cage. Then, the live or machine pitcher will post at the other end. The live pitcher or pitching machine will then pitch baseballs towards the batter. The objective is for the batter to hit the balls.

Batting speed varies, often ranging from 30 to 90 miles per hour. This means the machine can also be configured to pitch at a certain speed.

The importance of this batting cage is to keep the baseballs within a certain range for the balls to be easily collected. The floor inside is sloped to automatically feed the baseballs back towards the auto pitching machine.

In batting cages, the most important component is the material used for the net. You can find batting cages made from:

& #61656;Nylon
& #61656;High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
& #61656;Polyethylene (PE)
& #61656;Polyester
& #61656;Kevlar
& #61656;Spectra and
& #61656;KVX200 and other materials.

When choosing one, it can be determined by the application.


AKA DURA TECH is a brand known to use nylon for batting cages.

The conventional material has always been knotted or knotless nylon netting. Nylon has been known since the 1930s. The twine can be dyed to different colors.

Nylon performs very well when used indoors. It is scratch resistant and has high tension capabilities, especially if kept out of harmful elements. Its weakest attribute is its water absorption capabilities. It can rot immediately or have mildew because of this. It can also shrink or stretch. If it is used outdoors, it can fall off quickly.

ATHE KVX200 (Kevloy Generation 2)

This is considered as a commercial polymer. It is lightweight and strong. It doesn't absorb water and won't breakdown in direct sunlight. It has a so called integral UV Inhibitor.

An integral UV inhibitor acts as a component that lies within a polymeric blend. It gets extruded and becomes individual fibers. It is then braided or twisted together. It can't wear off easily because the UV inhibitor is built right into the KVX200.

Kevloy Generation 2 employs a unique carbon based black die. It stabilizes the polymeric blend. The carbon die makes the net fade resistant. It continues to look good even after using it for more than 2 years.

KVX200 has a scratch resistance attribute. It also possesses high long term break strengths – both for indoor or outdoor use. It does not absorb water. It is also lightweight. Aside from this, it has excellent UV resistant capabilities. However, the KVX200 is more expensive.


This is very popular because it is inexpensive. It also has some excellent properties for outdoor use despite its cheap price tag.

Polyethylene or PE does not absorb water. It doesn't rot, and this makes it the best choice for outdoor cages. If you intend to use PE in direct sunlight, make sure that it has a UV inhibitor. PE has lower break strength as compared to nylon. Though the break strength is lower, it holds its strength better when exposed to various weather conditions.

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