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It is often said that the fishing rod is the foundation of any game fishing expedition. Just how well a fisherman can catch game relies heavily on how well he can handle his fishing rod.

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Choosing Fishing Line

It is often said that the fishing rod is the foundation of any game fishing expedition. Just how well a fisherman can catch game relies heavily on how well he can handle his fishing rod.

It is also said that the lure, or bait, is the spice, the zest of such game fishing adventures. Just how simple or difficult it is depends on the kind of lure that the fisherman chooses.

Despite the reputation of success attained by fishing rods and fishing lures, however, they will equally fall short if the fisherman neglects to learn and master one vital component of the game: the fishing line.

Two fundamental actions are involved when using a fishing line:

1. Lure casting. A good fishing line is required to guarantee that the lure is cast in the correct manner. This means that the desired angle and the needed distance are satisfied. This is especially significant in game fishing where every move, every action is critical to the success of the catch.

2. Spinning. With this movement, it gets a little tricky, a bit delicate. Logically, the fisherman wants a fishing line that s strong and resilient enough so that it won t break while reeling in the caught fish. The fisherman would also want a fishing line that s most resistant to abrasion to ensure a smooth spin.

Therefore, from the required actions above, we can come up with the following necessary qualities of an ideal fishing line:

& #9642; Strength. The fishing line should be strong and durable enough so as not to break when reeling in the game it was made to catch. You shouldn’t measure this by just taking a line and pulling and stressing it with your hands to gauge or estimate its strength.

Experienced fishermen know and understand that the dampness or the dryness of the fishing line will affect its strength. Fishing lines that absorb water, such as monofilament lines, are not recommended for rainy or damp days, even cold and wintry days. The more durable and resilient cofilament lines are more ideal for such conditions. They cost more but its well worth it.

& #9642; Abrasion resistance. The fishing line should be resistant against friction and abrasion caused by contact with rocks or boulders, tough vegetation and other terrestrial and deep water objects.

Some fishermen frequently have to cut their fishing line every half hour or so just to ensure a fresh line if and when they do manage to catch a fish. This seems so unnecessary and more than a little wasteful in time and fishing gear.

Fluorocarbon lines have extra density compared to most other fishing lines. This makes them very resistant to abrasion.

& #9642; Stretch. Depending on the fisherman’s skill level, the fishing line s capacity to stretch will play a critical role. For fishermen who are just starting out, the line s stretch will provide some allowance for mistakes and mishaps, especially when fighting the fish.

But for clumsy, klutzy fishermen, on the other hand, setting up the hook or clasp could be easily miscalculated with a line that provides a lot of stretch. You’ve just got to pay close attention every time.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to using a fishing line that can or cannot stretch. Just keep in mind that the least resistant a line is to stretch is the more sensitive it can be for detecting a possible catch.

To be a successful fisherman, you should start with getting the right fishing gear. Part of this gear is the all important fishing line. You surely don’t want to be losing great catches just because your line keeps snapping off. Match your fishing line to your game and location and you’ve got it good. Good luck!

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