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Commercial fluorescent lights are going to play a major role in future lighting design for businesses, non profits, schools, and municipalities in the years to come. We recommend you encourage your clients to invest now rather than wait until the last minute, as parts shortages are sure to follow on the heels of procrastination.

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Commercial Fluorescent Lights

Recent laws have been passed that require all incandescent lights to be replaced by 2010 at the latest. Because of this, commercial fluorescent lights are going to play a major role in future lighting design for businesses, non profits, schools, and municipalities in the years to come. We recommend you encourage your clients to invest now rather than wait until the last minute, as parts shortages are sure to follow on the heels of procrastination.

RLLD Commercial Lighting understands that many of your clients may be very hesitant to spend money in a time of recession. However, this fear can be overcome by pointing out the many benefits that commercial fluorescent light fixtures bring to the table. Showing how this evolving technology is actually a way of recession proofing a business with an investment in a lasting, long term solution will be pivotal to your negotiations. Equally pivotal will be the ability to systematically calculate the precise number of fixtures your client’s site will need and determine at the scientific level the optical photometric and CRI levels you will need to deliver for a truly superior solution.


You will never meet a client who enjoys wasting money on replacements. People buy things to last. the greatest benefit commercial fluorescent lights will bring to any client on a tight budget is lamp life that is superior to and much more reliable than incandescent luminaires. As cities such as Houston tighten their restrictions on LPW (it is now 1 lumen per .05 watt here), it is crucial as well to use lamps that will generate more light with less electricity. As a general rule, fluorescent lights feature both superior LPW and operate at cooler temperatures. They also render colors at a level only 8 points away from that off natural light—making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.


Fluorescent commercial lights occupy a unique position in the world of lighting design. They rank among the most diversified and versatile light sources in the world. You see commercial fluorescent light fixtures in a huge diversity of designs that are intended specifically with certain interior and exterior business lighting applications in mind. In the realm of indoor lighting, fluorescents can be used in everything from recessed lights and panel lights to purely decorative fixtures. Because of their superior energy rating, they are superb general purpose lights in work areas and are commonly used in high bay and low bay fixtures over assembly lines where color rendering is important. In the outdoor arena, you see everything from commercial fluorescent bollards and decorative landscape lights to powerful floodlights controlled by motion detectors linked to security alarm systems. They are also the favored lamping option by many wall pack manufacturers because of their power saving abilities and low operating temperatures.


The stereotypes of fluorescent lights as headache generators have long since been overcome and disproven by newer, superior ballast technology that has made fluorescent light itself free of any flickering or yellowing effects such as those seen by their primitive forerunners in the 70’s. Today’s fluorescent commercial lights produce a comfortable, white, glare free light that is easy on the eyes and fits hand in glove with glare and light pollution regulations. It is important to explain to clients who may not be aware of evolving technology the difference between cheap, retail fluorescents that use inferior ballasts and specification grade commercial fluorescent fixtures. The specification grade fixtures we equip contractors with feature the very best electronic ballasts in a variety of voltages engineered for superior electron flow, power management, exceptional CRI, and photometric delivery power. This represents the highest level of manufacturing and engineering quality in our industry; (we only use US manufacturers as sources) which is why so many industrial lighting designers prefer to use us as a vendor.


RLLD Commercial Lighting has invested heavily in some of the world’s most advanced lighting design software that we will readily make available to you at no additional cost. This software enables us to take basic raw data pertaining to your client’s site, input that data into our system, and develop a point by point photometric schematic of an entire indoor and outdoor lighting design system. This schematic will fully address the many dynamics of LPW and light pollution requirements, client equipment budget, estimated maintenance costs (if any), and lamp life requirements. For clients investing in commercial security lights, building lights, or sign lights, knowing the exact number and type of fluorescent fixtures necessary to fulfill luminance requirements can avert over purchasing and present a more streamlined proposal for you to bring to the table.

This precision approach to lighting design is normally something only the larger firms can afford to take with clients. Smaller companies and independent contractors lack the budget and resources to purchase this software and pay employees to develop plans at this level of sophistication. However, RLLD Commercial Lighting, America’s emerging Lighting Design Services and Domestic Equipment Vendor, has now tipped the scales back in favor of the entrepreneur and made it possible for anyone to compete in an increasingly regulated and competitive global marketplace.

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