Computer Screen Freezing Problems Huntington NY

Your computer screen freezing is never a pleasant experience. It s a real time waster especially when you re trying to rush something for school or work.

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Computer Screen Freezing Problems

Your computer screen freezing is never a pleasant experience. It s a real time waster especially when you re trying to rush something for school or work. Unfortunately, around 7 out of 10 Windows users experience computer screen freezing every once in a while. Their daily exposure to the internet makes their PCs doubly susceptible to elements which may cause computer screen freezing.

This article will outline the most common reasons for computer screen freezing and will suggest ways for the PC user to target them. Computer screen freezing need not remain an annoyance in anyone s school or work routine once the simple guideline below is followed.

Check your PC s RAM and hard disk space

Most of the time computers crash simply because their owners forget to carry out regular maintenance routines. Your computer s operational and data storing capabilities are not unlimited, and this is important to remember because most computers freeze up due to overloading. Always make sure that your RAM has at least 20 of free memory left. Otherwise, you won t get any work done because your programs will run at a snail s pace. It s also very beneficial to run a defrag program through your hard disk. Hard disks that have not been defragmented tend to malfunction and slow the OS down.

Check your PC for virus hazards

Frequent visits to the internet make your PC prone to virus infections. Even the email, which looks like a safe database, is a nesting ground for virus patches. The key to protecting your PC s health is in downloading updated anti virus programs. Most of these can even be downloaded for free online. Always make sure that your anti virus program is turned on when you re exploring any page on the Internet. Running frequent scans through all your disks is also necessary. You should delete or quarantine any virus spotted as soon as possible because they cause not only screen freezing but total OS corruption as well.

Check your PC for spyware and malware

Spywares and malicious softwares also abound the pages of the internet. It s impossible to escape these culprits unless you ve installed protection against spywares and malwares. Free softwares may also be downloaded online, and there are forums which talk about the best anti spyware and malware in the market. You can t underestimate the importance of these protective softwares because spywares and malwares can damage your PC severely.

Did you install any new hardware devices?

The quickest way to target a freezing PC is by remembering when exactly the problem arose. Most of the time, your PC slows down right after installing a hardware driver. This may be cause by lack of disk space, or simply incompatibility with the OS. You should try uninstalling suspicious new drivers, detaching communication wires from ports, and rebooting your PC. Once you ve rebooted your PC and your computer starts running normally again, you ve probably nipped the problem in the bud.

Inspect your hardware manuals for possible errors in installation on your part. Make sure that the driver you ve chosen is compatible to your operating system.

Maybe it s a new software or program?

The same thing may hold true for newly installed programs and softwares. If your PC started freezing immediately after you ve installed new programs into the system, then the culprit could either be an incompatible program or low disk space. In any case, you should uninstall the program and reboot your computer. Once you ve rebooted your computer and the problem still persists, try any of the other methods we ve mentioned above.

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