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The Department of Education offers a program known as the Federal Work Study Program (FWS). This program helps many students pay their way through college by working in one of the departments of the university or another acceptable position within the community.

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Federal Work Study Program

The Department of Education offers a program known as the Federal Work Study Program (FWS). This program helps many students pay their way through college by working in one of the departments of the university or another acceptable position within the community. The students course load, alternative employment and other factors are taken into consideration during the approval process. Here is a little bit about the program and how it can be used to help pay the costs of higher education.

Where To Work

The university that the student is enrolled in determines where the student will be employed. It is based on need and how many students have been approved for the work study program. There are two options and most students are placed within the university, while others are placed at various entities in the community. There are a number of positions that universities can generally fill with students wishing to enter the FWS program. Students may work in the departmental offices, administrative offices, labs, at sporting events as well as many others. This allows the students to not only work toward their education, but work to better the university as well. Most students consider this a win win situation.

Off campus jobs are also available for college students participating in the work study program. The positions are chosen through the program and generally consist of a public or non profit entity that can use the help of students. There are law enforcement, public sector as well as other non profit businesses that have ample positions for work study students. Students are not allowed to choose their employment outside of the acceptable positions or businesses. This is a joint decision of the student and the college administrators of the FWS program. Some schools specializing in a particular trade have the option to place students in outside employment that is relevant to their degree. This not only provides them with income toward their education, but also hands on experience for after employment after graduation. Many employers look on students very favorably when they have experience as well as education.

The FWS Program

The financial aid office of the university should have the application form for the FWS program. Students must apply and sometimes write an essay or other documentation as to why they should be accepted to the program. In some cases the university focuses on students that need the additional income to pay the expenses of college. After the approval to the program is made students are grouped by their skills and abilities. This helps place students in the best employment situation based on their particular experience and skills. The federal minimum must be paid to the students, but in some cases the student is eligible for a higher wage depending on the type of employment. For example, a student that is working on computers or networks would likely be paid higher than a student working in a concession stand. That is because one position would likely require more work and expertise than another. The program makes exceptions depending on the type of employment in order to make it fair to the student.

When work hours are determined the employer must take into consideration the class schedule of the student. This is designed so that the student is not placed under undue stress trying to balance both work and school. Excess or rigid time constraints could cause the students grades to fall and even discourage the student with school all together. While the work study program places a great deal of emphasis on the employment of the student, there is still the dedication and first priority to their studies. There are also stipulations and rules placed on the students working under this program: students are only allowed to work the hours that are specified and not over. Also the award amount of the FSW must be followed by the student and employer both.

For students looking for a great way to earn money toward their education as well as finding a job, the FSW is a great way to do both. There are many success stories that come from students working their way through college in this manner. The Federal financial aid or the Department of Educations website is a great source of information as well as the universities financial aid office. Some high school administration offices will also have information and the appropriate forms for students to apply. Remember that the FSW program is based on need and a first come first serve basis, so students should get an early start when possible. This is a great program and helps keep costs to a minimum so that students can graduate with the confidence of a low debt ratio in regards to student loans.

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