How To Make Kitchen Remodel Statement With Countertops Plattsburgh NY

The many choices available offer varying cost, weight, durability, upkeep and aesthetics. So which types of countertop materials best fill the bill? The right countertop choice for your kitchen remodel project depends on what's most important to you as a homeowner.

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How To Make Kitchen Remodel Statement With Countertops

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen and you want “to make the room both comfortable and practical,” “picking a durable and good looking countertop” is a key ingredient. So said the Associated Press in a recent article titled “Countertops speak for the kitchen.”

“Durability, ease of maintenance and appearance are important aspects to keep in mind when choosing a countertop. And the nicer and more expensive countertops … can also add value to your home.” Indeed, countertops have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. The many choices available offer varying cost, weight, durability, upkeep and aesthetics. So which types of countertop materials best fill the bill? The right countertop choice for your kitchen remodel project depends on what’s most important to you as a homeowner. Here are some of the most popular countertop options, with their pros and cons outlined:

• Laminate – “Still the most affordable countertop surface,” laminate is easy to install, simple to maintain and comes in a wide range of color choices. DuPont™ Surfaces come in hundreds of patterns and colors and can be custom cut and installed for limitless design possibilities. What’s more, the durable, seamless surface resists heat, stains and scratches.

• Granite – The National Association of Home Builders says that granite is fast becoming the most popular countertop material in new homes. Because it adds value to your home and can last a lifetime, granite is a good option for kitchen remodelers who can afford it. Granite Certified by DuPont offers you the beauty of natural stone, is carefully selected and comes backed with the DuPont limited warranty. The caveats: “Granite can cost in the hundreds of dollars per square foot, including installation. It is porous, so it must be treated with a sealant to resist stains; if not, stains can be very difficult to remove.”

• Solid surface countertops – Corian®, an acrylic solid surface made by DuPont, is the standard for style and can be customized to create unique and seamless surfaces, intricate inlays and trivets. It is nonporous and easy to clean, but may not stand up well to heat.

• Quartz – Gaining in coutertop popularity, quartz is a natural stone that is as sturdy as granite. Zodiaq® by DuPont incorporates pure quartz crystal, making it exceptionally durable and scratch resistant as well as beautiful. And because it is non porous, it does not require sealing.

• Butcher block wood – “Handy for chefs and their knives,” this material can be hard to keep clean.

• Ceramic tile – “Easy to clean and stands up well to heat,” ceramic tile’s downsides are that it “is uneven and can chip or crack.”

When deciding which countertop surface is best for your kitchen remodel project, look for an online resource that provides kitchen remodeling ideas and links to top manufacturers. Browse through its gallery showcase of kitchen countertop selections before making a final decision. The ideas, inspiration, choice, assistance and advice, such a resource affords you can help ensure that your kitchen remodel is the one of your dreams.

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