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Explains productive ways to show personal and professional skills to employers and prospective employers instead of simply speaking about them.

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Job Interview Advice

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  • Are you a "self-starter"? Welcome to a very crowded club.
  • Set yourself apart by proving your statements.
  • Go to interviews armed with examples.

Whether hiring for internships or full-time positions, most recruiters have heard statements like these from college students over and over again:

  • "I have strong communication skills."
  • "I'm self-motivated."
  • "I'm good at managing my time."
  • "I have excellent leadership qualities."
  • "I work well with others."

When you make claims like these in your interviews -- perhaps in response to a question like, "What is your greatest strength?" -- you're not likely to blow

the recruiter away with originality. In fact, the recruiter may think, "If you only knew how many times I've heard that one. How do I know that's true?"

Stand out by providing specific examples to back up the statements you've made. It's not difficult, especially if you prepare beforehand, and it will greatly elevate your standing in the recruiter's eyes.

For example: A recruiter is interviewing a new college graduate for an entry-level job and asks, "What's your greatest strength?" Which statement would grab your attention more if you were a recruiter?

Well, I'm very self-motivated. I often start projects on my own without direction from others, because I enjoy it. Compared to most people my age, I have more self-discipline and more willingness to try new things."...

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