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Kia Pro Ceed Flushing NY

The sceptics who thought that Kia only made cheap cars will need to re-think. The newest range of Pro Ceed appears to have proven that the most critical will need re-consider their opinion.

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Kia Pro Ceed

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Sporty 3 Door Hatch Kia Pro Ceed

Author: Davidgiggs

The sceptics who thought that Kia only made cheap cars will need to re-think. The newest range of Pro Ceed appears to have proven that the most critical will need re-consider their opinion.

Kia have produced a well made sporty looking 3 door hatch which offers exceptional quality for a car of this class. The Pro Ceed is said to be the sporty version of the already popular Ceed range. The new sleek look is in part due to the slightly longer body coloured doors. The door inlays have be given a stylish metallic finish which coordinates with the console of the car adding to the overall stylish appearance of the Pro Ceed.

The exterior style looks impressive. It is complimented by black bezel lamps and trendy alloy wheels which come as standard across the range. Pro Ceed is available in the latest bright colours which includes a very chic white, which is a real head turner.

Taller people will be pleased to know that the interior head room is very generous. Anyone would have to be well over six foot before their head brushed the roof. Back seat passengers are also offered generous head room even with the sloping of the roof. The longer doors enable easy access for rear seat passengers, four people can travel in comfort with the generous back seat leg room allowance.

Kia have given careful consideration to personal comfort. Seats have leather trim and are fully adjustable. The entire range includes air conditioning as standard along with USB and AUX sockets which are iPod compatible. Interior storage has been optimised, the rear seats fold to provide additional luggage space when needed.

The Pro Ceed is easy and relaxing to drive. Road handling is positive even on tight corners. With a six speed gear box the Pro Ceed handles well on both rough and smooth road surfaces. Although not designed as an off-road car, it can handle uneven surfaces pretty well for a car of this class.

Kia are in no doubt as to the quality of their cars, as such they offer an unrivalled 7 year or 100,000 mile warranty across the range. This in itself speaks volumes as to the precision manufacture and careful thought the designers have put into this sporty style car.

With low CO2 emissions and an average 58mpg, the Pro Ceed offers exceptional economy, along with trendy styling and a very competitive pricing. The Kia Pro Ceed range includes two petrol and three diesel engines.

The price range also takes some beating. Approved Kia dealerships are also offering some very tempting special offers, combined with the reduction in VAT, the Pro Ceed offers outstanding value for money.

The Kia Pro Ceed is definitely worth giving serious consideration to for anyone looking to buy a new car with sleek lines and a sporty style. Arrange for a test drive to dispel any doubts you may have had about the quality, road handling and style of a car manufactured by Kia.

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Charles Husrt Group offer the sporty Kia">http://www.charleshurstgroup.co.uk/special-offers/KIA/PRO+CEED>Kia Pro Ceed range.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/automotive-articles/sporty-3-door-hatch-kia-pro-ceed-794163.html