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If you are new to network marketing or have been using the old school techniques to try and build your business you need to join the 21st century if you want to be successful.

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MLM Marketing

If you are new to network marketing or have been using the old school techniques to try and build your business you need to join the 21st century if you want to be successful.

To be successful you must have leads coming to you everyday. I do not mean leads you purchased from a lead provider. I am talking about leads you are generating through your own marketing. These are people that have filled out a form on one of your capture pages and requested additional information about your offer.

I am assuming here that you are either building opt in capture pages or already have several online generating leads. What you do with these leads after you receive them is paramount to your success in network marketing.

Many people that receive a lead call the person immediately, or ship off a quick email thanking them and try to present their opportunity in a hit or miss fashion. The fact is, most people researching a home business opportunity are not quite ready to join anything yet. They are in the research mode and need to be educated and contacted on a regular basis. The hit or miss approach will not work with these people and when they are ready to do something, the people that kept up a good follow up system will usually land these people.

You cannot expect to have a constant follow up system if you are personally emailing every lead because it will take you hours and hours of work as your list grows. After a while, you will start to get overwhelmed and start to cut corners and lose control of your follow up. You need a simple program called a email autoresponder.

Email Autoresponders are a network marketers best friend!

A email autoresponder allows you to totally automate your marketing and follow up on every lead, everyday, until eternity. By having a system that automatically emails your prospects, you can focus your time and energy on bringing in more prospects and marketing your business.

Once you have enrolled in a autoresponder program and set up a campaign, you can write multiple emails that are scheduled to be sent to each lead on a particular day. Every email will have a specific message and will be timed based on where that person is in your lead list time frame.

By emailing prospects on a daily basis you are building your credibility, creating a relationship, and above all, you are in their minds when it is time for them to make a decision. The best part is that it is all on autopilot.

You can custom design your email follow up based on the capture page that brought them to you. If you are marketing your opportunity, it can give them good information about how you will help them create a successful home business with your product. If you are creating free training capture pages to help present yourself as an expert, you can design emails that provide free training everyday.

One of my favorite autoresponder campaigns is my Free 5 day network marketing training boot camp. In this campaign I offer people a free 5 day email training session without ever promoting my business opportunity. This presents me as an expert and not a sales rep.

Another successful campaign I currently run is for my business opportunity and encourages people to take a tour of the entire process. When people opt in they are emailed a link to my opportunity tour and they then start to receive emails from me on a daily basis. If a person does not want to receive emails they can unsubscribe at the bottom of each email they receive. The autoresponder program automatically takes them out of the email loop. If you provide good information in your emails you will receive very few unsubscribe requests.

If you are really serious about growing your network marketing business you cannot ignore the power of email autoresponders. Just click on my link below and I will give you my top autoresponder recommendation. It is inexpensive and very easy to set up and manage.

In closing, make sure you have a good marketing plan that is geared towards attracting people to your capture pages. Once they opt in and request more information let your email autoresponder take over. You will be truly amazed at how easy and effective this tool can be.

Jeffrey Taylor has been an Internet Marketing Specialist since 1995. He is a SEO (search engine optimizer) and currently owns over 4,400 revenue producing Websites. To find Free Network Marketing Training and Tips

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