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It's not enough to produce a stellar résumé - how you present that résumé to a potential employer is equally important.

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Presenting The Resume

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During your academic career, you probably never took a class on how to secure your ideal job. Yet, chances are you've devoted a great deal of your professional life to attempting to move up the career ladder in an effort to reach the highest rung. As a result, you've spent much time tinkering with your résumé, trying to find the formula that will guarantee your success in the job market.

However, there is one critical factor that you may have overlooked, much to your own detriment: the manner in which your resume is submitted. It's simply not enough to produce a stellar rrésumé - you must also present that resume to a potential employer in an appropriate manner. If you fail to do so, not only will you lose points with a hiring manager - you might also lose out on the position of your dreams.

What Does "Professional" Really Mean?

When you launch a job search, the word "professional"comes up again and again. Your cover letter must be professional; your attitude must be professional; your interview attire must be professional. Still, you might be wondering what it really means to submit a resume in a professional manner.

To be professional is to be business-oriented˜to complete a task in an efficient, timely manner. A professional finds out what is required in a given assignment and carries out that assignment with grace and seeming ease. A professional does not complain about the task he or she has been given; rather, the professional welcomes the opportunity to use talents, skills, and expertise to make a meaningful contribution....

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