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In some of these homes the second bathroom was really no bigger than a hall closet and although convenient, homeowners are always looking for small bathroom renovation ideas.

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Small Bathroom Renovation

Some homes built withing the last 20 years went on the market as having two bathrooms. In some of these homes the second bathroom was really no bigger than a hall closet and although convenient, homeowners are always looking for small bathroom renovation ideas. It s no wonder since they can almost always be remodeled to give a few extra square feet. Although that may not sound like a lot at first, it can equal the addition of shelving or storage area or simply a bit more room to move around without banging your elbows on each wall.

One of the first places to look it the bathtub. For some reason, these late model homebuilders seemed to really like the idea of sticking a bathtub in these small bathrooms. If you can take out the tub and replace it with a shower stall you are likely to gain these few extra crucial feet we are looking for. This is just one small bathroom renovation idea that can make quite a big difference. If you have a full size bathtub in another bathroom seriously consider this as your first change.

There are also small bathroom remodeling ideas that can make the room appear larger than it really is such as using light colors on the walls and on any window coverings. Additionally, if possible a shade or mini blind that fits into the window instead of attaching to the outer trim of the window can make the room appear bigger. Vertical lines can also make the room appear larger while heavy horizontal lines can make it feel smaller.

Are there Extra Cabinets or Shelving?

Another common feature in houses built at this time are dividing walls. Whether the walls separate the toilet from the tub or the sink we are left scratching our heads as to why they were ever installed in the first place. These walls generally are not load bearing and can be removed quite easily. If this truly is a small bathroom there is very little chance that there will be more than one person in here at a time so privacy should not be a concern. Again, expect to get just a few extra square footage but it really will change the whole feel of the room.

It may be necessary to trim some space from an adjacent room and expand the bathroom, and many small bathroom remodeling ideas include this prospect. A mere six to 12 inches of extra space along one wall can seem to add considerable space in a small bathroom. Failing that, do not use cabinets that attach to the wall, rather use the ones that are built into the wall. The floor space will not change, but there will not be any more of it taken up.

Take a walk through any of the large home builders stores. There are many new space saving ideas that you probably can t come up with on your own. Many of these stores are large enough to have demo bathrooms set up for you to walk around in. Not only can you learn a lot about bathroom remodeling but I challenge you not to leave with something else that will make your house more of a home.

Chet Stevens has been a home builder and handyman for 30 years. You can read his blog at . Through this blog specifically about bathroom remodeling, he hopes to reach a wider audience with his remodeling ideas!

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