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Employers will pay highly competitive salaries to candidates who's résumés can demonstrate an ability to increase profitability.

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Successful Resumes

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When candidates think about résumé writing they rarely think further than documenting their previous roles and responsibilities in an effort to persuade a hiring manager to call them for an interview. To many candidates a resume is simply a document that details their progression from school and university through each different role to date in their career. While it is quite true that this is the ultimate purpose of the résumé, it is also true to say that it can secure for the successful candidate a new role at a salary that far surpasses your immediate expectations.

The reason that your résumé can make this possible is twofold. Firstly a strong résumé will offer you an opportunity to demonstrate the many ways in which your employment will yield results and enhance company success. Secondly, smart candidates understand that quantifying the percentage growth, sales, profitability or cost reductions that they have the ability to make within an organization will prompt an employer to sit up and take notice. Hiring managers understand that a candidate who can transform operational success and generate more sales or decrease costs are certainly worth an additional $10,000 or $20,000 in salary expenditure. An additional salary hike is obviously a far more cost effective method of spending money as it requires considerably less operational spend than losing thousands of dollars in operational inefficiencies or down turned sales and profit margins....

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