Tankless Water Heaters Buffalo NY

Learn about a variety of green tankless water heaters that will help to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. These heating elements will help you to save energy and money on your monthly bills.

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Tankless Water Heaters

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New Products

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Eemax_3.jpg(90)

    Series Four Large-Capacity Electric Tankless Water Heater From Eemax

    The Series Four large-capacity electric tankless water heater is rated at 99% efficient. The whole-house unit features microprocessing temperature control. The flow activates each of the EX380T2T2’s heating elements in stages based on hot water demand.

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Bosch_1.jpg(90)

    AquaStar 2700ES Gas Tankless Water Heater From Bosch

    The Bosch AquaStar 2700ES gas tankless water heater enables users to operate two to three hot water applications simultaneously. The unit delivers more than 7 gallons per minute. The product’s built-in power vent enables horizontal or vertical vent termination.

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Rinnai_7.jpg(90)

    R75Lsi Tankless Water Heater From Rinnai

    The R75Lsi delivers continuous hot water on demand up to 7.5 gallons per minute. The unit features a redesigned commercial-grade heat exchanger, an integrated condensate collector, an integrated digital temperature controller, and direct electronic ignition with no pilot light.

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Noritz2_5.jpg(90)

    Tankless Water Heater From Noritz

    The Energy Star–rated N-0841MC tankless water heater yields 93% energy efficiency versus 60% of a typical tank water heater due to its Hybrid Super Heat Exchanger—a stainless and copper heat exchanger fused into one. The unit, which uses gas or propane, delivers up to 11.1 gallons per minute.

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Rheem_6.jpg(90)

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